This is truly the most wonderful time of the year and a perfect time to share good news! As I reflect on 2015, many of us have reason to pause and celebrate this season of joy, peace and generosity. A few reasons at the top of my list include another year of:

  • Tremendous opportunities to work with great leaders – both current and future – as they get better personally and make their firms more competitive, engaging and sustainable well into the future.
  • Bright, smart, fun(ny) team members with whom I work arm-in-arm and make a difference with our clients, in our profession and in our lives.
  • Family and friends to laugh with during happy and celebratory times and cry together and support each other through life’s challenges.
  • Health and stamina to “have it all” and continue to dream and go after more!

This holiday season we hope you reflect on the magnificence of 2015 and look forward to the bright possibilities in 2016. We truly appreciate our relationship and the privilege to be on this journey of work and life with you and we wish you joy, love and health in the New Year to come!

What are you celebrating as you reflect on 2015? What do you look forward to in 2016? We’d love to celebrate and anticipate with you, so please share!

Blessings and peace,


P.S. Our team is fortunate enough to celebrate the holidays by closing for a much-appreciated break. We will close from 12/24 to 1/3/15, returning to work on 1/4/16. Someone will check our corporate email and voice mail once per day on 12/28, 29, 30, and 31 in case of emergency. Otherwise, we’ll plan to reconnect with you in the bright New Year ahead.