We have officially entered the holiday season!  Does this mean excitement or anxiety, anticipation or dread, welcomed activity or a feeling of being overwhelmed?  It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not, or have kids who believe in Santa Claus or not.  The impact of the season affects us all.  You might as well embrace it as an opportunity for growth and positive change.  Affirm for yourself that this can and will be a time for conscious involvement with others and celebration.

Begin now to plan and structure your time.  If you have 100 cards to write and send out, you can do 50 each in the last two days.  Or, you can also start now and do 10 each day and feel less stressed about the outcome.

Make this a time for acknowledgment, appreciation and renewal.  Plan to reconnect with clients as well as family in positive ways.

Too often, we take for granted the support we have around us in our practices.  Let this be a time to acknowledge those everyday staff and service people who have helped us to be successful in the past year.  How about the receptionist, the office manager, the Fed Ex and UPS person who comes by regularly?  Say “thanks” to the people who clean your office and throw out your trash.  It’s probably getting recycled into a card someone else will receive.  Say “thanks” to the friends and family members who keep referring new clients to you.  How about the loved ones who are important for just being there for you ---- let them know that their presence in silence has often helped you get through a difficult day.  Remember the team in the office as well.  Sometimes it is what they “don’t” say that makes the difference.

The holidays also symbolize renewal.  The evergreen in the middle of winter and the lights that penetrate the darkness are signs to us of hope.  We are reminded of the light within each of us.  How can we share it more?  Have we neglected it and allowed it to grow dimmer?  How can we continue to rekindle our own inner flame?

Think of those people who brought joy to your life and success to your practice.  Have you failed to connect with them in recent months?  Thanks to social media, you can get in touch instantaneously.  Your message doesn’t have to be long.  A few words that serve as a reminder that you are thinking of them and remain available when they need your help will do.

Make the holidays a positive experience instead of a chore.  Focus on acknowledgment, appreciation and renewal as ways to lead you to a time of genuine celebration.

With Warm Regards,