As we enter this time of celebration and reflection, I give thanks to God for my many blessings. I am so grateful for so many things, big and small. In this year-end post, I thought I’d share my latest “blessings list” in the hopes that it inspires you to stop and count your own.

Right this very minute, I am so very grateful for:

  • My parents, Jack and Della, who gave me so many wonderful tools to navigate this life, including my faith in and relationship with God
  • My husband, Brian, for loving and supporting me through thick and thin
  • My beautiful girls, for inspiring and amazing me
  • My big, boisterous, fun-loving family with five brothers and sisters, their spouses, and too many nephews and nieces to count
  • My powerful, brilliant and loving colleagues at ConvergenceCoaching, for their strength and commitment to make a difference
  • Our clients and their friendship, trust and willingness to engage in challenging discussions so that they can grow as leaders and drive change
  • My many friends and colleagues around the country and our ability to go a long time without engaging and then pick up exactly where we left off
  • My health and the ability to run and sustain the rigors of travel regularly
  • My warm, comfy home
  • Technology and the ability to collaborate with people across the country (I have worked remotely since 1996!)
  • Wireless on airplanes (and everyplace), smart phones and apps and light laptops and tablets
  • Tasty, spicy food of almost every kind and coffee!
  • Online shopping and how it saves my bacon regularly (especially at this time of year)
  • Evolutions in learning and the fantastic teachers that have invested so much in my girls and our next generation
  • My dogs and their fierce protection and unconditional love
  • The sun, which we haven’t seen much of lately, and the joyous lift it brings when it shines on me
  • Plants of all kinds, which I love to nurture and grow (my hibiscus is blooming fully this week after its harrowing transition inside)
  • The beauty and bounty of our Earth which nourishes our body and soul
  • This incredible nation, the brave and committed forefathers who so nobly fought for our freedoms and for all those who continue to protect those freedoms in government service, the military and policy.
  • For all who stand for justice, freedom and peace

I am sure that I have left some important ideas off but this feels like a big list and one that I am truly humbled by. What blessings!

I have the privilege of sharing in the struggles, challenges, and problems of others. And, I certainly have “issues” of my own. When the world’s problems feel overwhelming, getting present to my many blessings allows me to focus on what’s important and to appreciate the great goodness in my life. My gratitude serves as a deep well that I can draw from to address my challenges and help others with theirs, too.

How do you get present to your blessings? What do you feel gratitude for this holiday season? Please drop us a note and share your blessings with us.

We count you among our many blessings.


P.S. Speaking of blessings, our team is fortunate enough to celebrate the holidays by closing for a much-appreciated break. We will close from 12/24 to 1/4/15, returning to work on 1/5/15. I will check my corporate email and voice mail once per day on 12/24, 26, 29, 30 and 1/2/15 in case of emergency. Otherwise, we’ll plan to reconnect in the bright New Year ahead.