I have the privilege of working with CPA firms of various sizes, cultures and geographies. While there is incredible diversity in the firms we serve, there are also a lot of similarities, especially related to challenges. Every once in a while, though, we encounter firms that seem to function at a higher level than the rest – where change is well-managed, communications are straight and non-punishing and where growth, motivation and possibilities are present.

For years, we’ve debated and considered, what makes a firm high functioning? While there is no single answer, I recently brought pen to paper (figuratively) and wrote a blog for our friends at the CPA Insider entitled, “The eight attributes of high-functioning firms”.

While no firm is perfect in all eight of these areas, some firms come close and, most importantly, they recognize the momentum that commitment to these eight attributes will bring.

How is your firm doing in these areas? What attributes of high-functioning firms are missing? Please take a moment to share your thoughts – we’re interested!