Implementation and/or execution – a couple of my favorite topics.

You (a CPA firm leader), often go to a conference to gather new ideas and learn about current trends in the CPA profession.  While at the conference, you begin to actually get excited about some of the ideas and begin to visualize how the idea could work in your firm.

You gather more ideas, make numerous notes, meet some very interesting people and begin to really get a sense of renewal, optimism, and think:  ”Oh my, the possibilities!”

What happens when you return to your office?  Many leaders immediately get BUSY with the day-to-day fire-fighting and soon the notes you took and the excitement you felt begin to fade.  Your mind says….   “I’ll bring it up at our next partner/management meeting.”

Try some of these practical steps…..  Wait! Don’t “try.” Be sure you DO these THINGS.

  • Type-up your notes and summarize the best and most critical points.
  • Meet with the key management leaders and TELL THEM VERBALLY about the ideas.
  • Send the summary to EVERY PARTNER and other INTERNAL management leader and specifically ASK them to read the summary.  Let them know you will be talking to them individually about the points.
  • Give them one week and then begin your brief visits to each partner.
  • Share your excitement and stress the points that you believe are critical to your firm .
  • After this is done, ask that the points be put on the next partner meeting agenda and push for at least one or two to be approved.
  • Then TAKE ACTION!  You can’t do it alone, enlist your top performers to help you.

“Do or do not. There is not try.” - - Yoda



Rita Keller is an award-winning and widely respected voice to CPA firm management.  Keller works with firms of all sizes, across the nation, to assist them with the inside-health of their firms.  Rita is a member of the CPA Consultants' Alliance ( with Tamera and Jennifer.   Reach her at and follow her blog