Wilson2009blog Happy Birthday, USA!  On our 235th anniversary as a nation, I wanted to write an open letter of thanks to the many wonderful people who contribute to our beautiful, proud nation.  I extend my profound gratitude to:

  • Our current president and to all of our past presidents, too, for their courage to step up and lead, especially in difficult times.  I admire your willingness to be vulnerable.
  • The men and women of our armed forces for their sacrifice, courage and dedication to our nation’s causes and campaigns.  I admire your fearlessness and selflessness.
  • Our police and law enforcement, fire, rescue and other public servants who take great risks to ensure safety and security in our communities.  I admire your wiliness to serve.
  • The religious leaders of all faiths, who lead their worshipers in the paths of righteousness.  I admire your faith.
  • Our teachers, paraprofessionals and school administrators who work to better our nation by educating our precious youth.  I admire your patience and commitment.
  • The scientists, ecologists, park service personnel and other conservationists who work to preserve the precious natural resources of our bountiful nation.  I admire your ingenuity and unflagging tenacity.
  • To all other Americans, for your contributions, big and small, to the betterment of your communities.  I admire your effort.

As we embark on our 236th year together, I pray for the continued health and prosperity of our nationI pray that we will each work harder to be better neighbors, bigger volunteers and more conscious stewards of our nation, America the Beautiful, and her resources.

God bless the USA!