Episode 9 of our Inspired Ideas Podcast series features a discussion between Jennifer Wilson, ConvergenceCoaching Partner and Co-Founder, and Amy Vetter. Amy is a CPA, Yogi, Technologist, Keynote Speaker and CEO of The B3 Method® Institute.

In this episode, Jen and Amy explore the theme of generosity in leadership. Together they explore why generosity matters in leadership and what generous attributes look like in practice. They talk about what it means to be selfless and the importance of ditching a one-size-fits-all approach with your people; each of whom bring unique strengths, talents and challenges to the table. Jen and Amy talk about the unfortunate examples of selfish leadership, too. Listen in to join their chat about how transparency, vulnerability, gratitude, rapport-building, providing feedback, empowering your people and other key ideas lead to a culture of generosity.

About Our Guest:

Amy Vetter is the CEO of the B3 Method® Institute and Drishtiq Yoga, a keynote speaker, corporate board member, author, entrepreneur, and host of the Breaking Beliefs podcast.

Amy offers a unique perspective as a CPA and Yogi, who specializes in Technology Innovation, to guide people on how to transform their careers, businesses, and lives. Her speaking programs encompass one-of-a-kind topics on digital transformation, mindfulness, leadership, employee engagement, company culture, change management and innovation.

Based on her work-life experience, and thousands of hours guiding business leaders to be successful, Amy authored the book, Business, Balance & Bliss®: How the B3 Method Can Transform Your Career and Life. In her book, Amy created a methodology, backed by scientific research, on how to live a more authentic, engaged, and fulfilled life. Amy shares this message more broadly in her award-winning  TEDx Talk, “Disconnect to Connect: The Path to Work-Life Harmony.”

Over the years, Amy has frequently shared her insights via top media outlets including Inc. and Entrepreneur.com. Learn more at www.amyvetter.com. For daily inspiration, follow Amy @amyvettercpa on social media, and subscribe to her Breaking Beliefs podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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