Lwcolorcloseup_blog Convergence -- the occurrence of two or more things coming together (source:  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/convergence).

It’s all coming together for us, our nation and the world this week!


When we chose our firm name, ConvergenceCoaching (www.convergencecoaching.com), the word convergence had special meaning, and that meaning has continued to expand.  For us, convergence has applied to:


        Accounting and technology and all things technical and necessary to serve clients in this profession – coming together with leadership, positivity, communication, competitive advantage and a commitment to invest in people (the soft stuff) to help firms and leaders be all that they can be. 

        The blending of our team members’ talents, experiences and abilities to provide our unique brand of coaching, consulting, training and development services to our mostly CPA and IT firm clientele. 

        The “coming closer” of our work and personal lives, and the balancing act that our team members perform each day to have it all in both realms. 


The word is special to us!  In public accounting and in industry, the term convergence is now being used as the moniker for the coming together of U.S. and international financial reporting standards and the continued shrinking of our global differences.


This week, the word convergence takes on even more importance for us all.  It means the coming together of all Americans – uniting in support of our new president and celebrating the peaceful changing of the guard that is a unique and fantastic hallmark of our democracy in the United States.  Convergence is present in the blessing of our first African American president and the realization of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream where all people, regardless of the color of their skin, are indeed equal.


I am proud to be an American and am inspired by the possibility that we are now on the brink of truly embracing diverse cultures, political parties, genders, viewpoints, personalities and more in our work places and communities.  Whatever your politics, the fact that one man’s dream, spoken long ago and seen as so far-reaching and controversial, has come to pass is both awe inspiring and hope inducing.


At ConvergenceCoaching, we believe in visioning and that dreams dreamt today can come true.  Read some of our blog postings on the power of positivity, visual imagery and more to see what I mean.  And now, in this special week in our nation’s history, we believe that anything is possible for our nation and our world.  Coming together, uniting behind our new president, we can use the power of our diverse backgrounds and experiences to solve the significant issues we face.  In 2009, it is all genuinely coming together, and anything – truly anything -- is possible.   




Jennifer Wilson