“One of the things we desperately need is a spiritual renewal in this country. We need a spiritual revival in America.” -Billy Graham

With the spring tax filing season successfully behind us, we have an opportunity to start fresh and focus our energies on renewing our body, mind, and spirit for the important tasks that lie ahead.

The concept of renewal is not only a religious or spiritual idea, but also an organic one, born out of nature. Spring is the ultimate teacher on renewal, and we have the privilege of learning from it each year. With the unfurling of new leaves, the emergence of the tulips, daffodils, and green grass, and the return of warmer weather, our spirits are lifted and it’s easier to imagine all of the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead.

So, what wonderful possibilities lie ahead for you? Consider these post-busy season renewal activities to help you recharge your batteries, rev up your motivation engine, and heal any emotional “injuries” you’ve incurred in the “battle” of busy season so that you can see and seize the possibilities in your future:

  • Get some rest – really! Take a few days off and really rest. Sleep in, take naps, schedule a massage, and take a genuine break from e-mail and “always available technology,” like your smart phone. Consider taking a “no day” where you say no to everything and stay home and do nothing but rest. Obviously, this takes planning and ensuring that your responsibilities at work and home are covered, but real rest will help you recharge and will do wonders for your outlook and sense of well-being.
  • Imagine all of the fun you’re going to have in the coming months (and then start having it). On the personal side, it may be golf, swimming, tennis, gardening, biking, or a family vacation; the list of possible fun activities is endless. I look forward to building and tending my flower gardens (I’m sure this will be my best flower year ever!), hanging out more with my children once they’re out of school, and outdoor running. What is your list of personal fun plans? Football hero Tony Dorsett said, “to succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” Imagining (and then doing) your list of fun things can help motivate, inspire, and renew you so that you can refocus your energies and come back to your work stronger and more apt to succeed.
  • Contemplate your disappointments and upsets and then get over them. Forgive yourself for any “less than” performance you’ve had recently and ask forgiveness of anyone who may have been impacted by your mistakes, grouchy behavior, or other misdeeds. Let go of grudges and jump on those important “clean up” conversations that need to be had. Approach those who disappointed you with honest, collaborative conflict conversations (access our online Managing Difficult Conversations course or e-book at www.convergencelearning.com for a proven strategy) and then forgive them so you can move on, too. “Forgiveness is the key to action and freedom,” according to Hannah Arendt. You’re paying an emotional (and unnecessary) price for nursing your wounds and will be shocked by how much more energy you’ll have when you resolve them.

When you’ve rested, played (or planned for play), and forgiven, you’ll be ready to generate your list of exciting professional possibilities. Consider activities such as reorganizing your office, training your team in order to delegate more, re-engaging socially with your partners, reconnecting with clients, taking a course, or realizing growth through an increase in networking, referral marketing, and other business development activities.

Spring and summer are the seasons of proactivity in the accounting profession – the perfect time to develop and implement new strategies for success. Whatever your proactive possibilities may be, write them down and establish by-when dates for each to ensure that you are able to enthusiastically make hay while the sun shines.

So, what are your immediate plans after busy season? What do you do to recharge and renew? What professional activities do you envision for this spring and summer? Please share your ideas for fun and proactivity so that others can benefit!




This popular post-April 15 blog was updated and re-posted today because of its relevance to our many readers. Congratulations on the close of traditional busy season!