Last year, we declared the first Friday after the fall busy season National Fire Some Clients Day™ and asked firm leaders to join us in right-sizing their client bases to increase capacity and provide relief for their team. We were blown away by the response to our client culling initiative and received wonderful feedback from many partners and firm leaders who took the leap and joined us on the inaugural holiday.

We are excited to declare May 19, 2023 the Spring National Fire Some Clients Day and are encouraging leaders to make pruning clients a strategic, biannual priority moving forward. We’ve seen the difference trimming your client base can make and hope you will join us on May 19th! Firing clients to right-size your capacity will allow you to

  • give more time and attention to your most important clients, deepening those relationships and increasing advisory fees when you make a bigger difference for them
  • deliver a higher quality product or service to your clients when you are able to focus more on their needs
  • identify and go after the ideal target clients you most want to pursue
  • use proactive leadership time for shepherding your talent and furthering internal initiatives
  • remove obstacles to employee engagement and satisfaction
  • …bring your people HOPE.

We have a number of resources to help you participate in what we hope will be a reoccurring healthy growth-practice within your business.

Renee Moelders and Jennifer Wilson taught a CPA Crossings webinar entitled, “Capacity Issues? Right-size Your Client Base!” that dove deep into the “how-to” of right-sizing your client base and had wonderful ideas shared by participants, too. You can purchase the recording and access other tools and resources at:

Tamera Loerzel and Jennifer Wilson joined Dan Hood on the Accounting Today podcast last year to discuss the strategic benefits firing some clients can bring to your firm, and how to counter objections you may receive from hesitant firm leaders.

To prepare your team with answers to common questions during the client reduction process, check out Jennifer Wilson’s recently updated blog.

If you or your people are overwhelmed with all that you face, then firing clients is an immediate, emergency measure to make breathing room for both your leadership and team members. If you’re not, firing clients is a strategic initiative you should undertake at least once per year to prune your “tree” and provide room for new growth. Firing clients to right-size your commitments, live a more balanced life, and make room for new firm activities demonstrates your commitment to your people and your willingness to do hard things to make life easier for your people. Making this a regular business practice is one of the many business model adjustments we must make, and it is the easiest and fastest to execute in time to restore the faith and hope of your people as you enter summer.

Click here for more resources, including a sample “firing letter” to support your leadership team  to blogs and podcasts to help you overcome common objections, we’ve got you covered!. Tag us in social media with #FireSomeClients and share your success!

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Don't miss our livestream on Friday at 9:00am CT/10:00am ET! Join Tamera Loerzel and Renee Moelders to kick-off the day with a discussion of common questions and objections when right-sizing your client base!

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