We left our vision planning retreat ready to hire a high-level operations professional to support the partner group, but we weren’t sure how to find the right person. ConvergenceCoaching helped us craft a clear role description, outline key first-year goals, identify a pipeline of strong candidates, and create buy-in for the hire internally using proactive, targeted communication. ConvergenceCoaching’s support in the engagement was critical to us finding a candidate we could all be excited about.

Mark Penningroth
Managing Principal, LattaHarris, LLP

ConvergenceCoaching helped us achieve our goals, beginning with assisting us in hiring a new firm administrator. They helped us identify our priorities for the position, crafted a job description based on those needs, and served as our recruiter for the hiring process. They clearly understood our vision for the role and it was obvious to us in the process that Renee really cared about finding us the right person. Our final candidates shared glowing reviews of our consultant as well. We successfully hired one of our top candidates and were so pleased with the results that we engaged ConvergenceCoaching to act as a coach for our new hire.

ConvergenceCoaching continues to be a huge resource for us!

Tyler Nyman
Managing Partner, B.A. Harris

At ConvergenceCoaching, we were encouraged by the recent verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. While this verdict brings a measure of peace, it is only a small step in changing a profoundly broken system. We will continue to explore ways that we can change ourselves and our firm and also influence those we teach and coach until we live in a country where all people are truly free from the fear of hate, violence, prejudice and exclusion. We welcome ideas and suggestions on ways that we can use our platform to drive change.

ConvergenceCoaching Verdict Statement

“ConvergenceCoaching is an authority on how to successfully design and implement workplace flexibility in professional services firms. We partnered with them to remotely train our Partners and People & Culture team on the market perspective of flex, required mindset shifts and practical tools and resources to make flex a win for our Firm, people and clients. We leveraged ConvergenceCoaching’s deep insight into the topic, their Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) research and their own experience as a 100% remote company.

This partnership allowed us to add an additional level of communication prior to rolling out our refreshed approach to workplace flexibility – a key priority for the Firm. I have worked with ConvergenceCoaching in various capacities since 2016 and have personally benefited from their insight into the profession, guidance and coaching.”

Chris Roberts
National Director of Talent Management and Learning, CohnReznick, LLP

We launched a pilot program offering every team member the opportunity to work at least one day a week from home, both as a part of our Best Place to Work initiative to improve work-life balance, and to mitigate the negative impact to our team from planned construction in Atlanta. To help in these efforts, Convergence Coaching delivered a relevant and actionable one-day training to our partners and managers on strategies to successfully manage a remote workforce. In addition, they provided assistance and insight into the program launch, design and communications. Their services were invaluable to the execution of our pilot, which has since become a successful program and the foundation for our remote working policy offering.

Richard Kopelman
CEO and Managing Partner, Aprio, LLP

I’m so happy to have worked with Jen Wilson and ConvergenceCoaching. She worked with my firm for many years before we joined Wipfli, and she was instrumental in helping my partners and I realize that the best exit strategy for our firm was an acquisition. She helped us make the changes we needed to better ourselves and our operations. ConvergenceCoaching was the best connection I ever made! Working closely with Jen for the four or five years helped me reach my potential as Managing Partner. The things she taught my team and me truly changed my life, and I am grateful.

Glenn Mikell
Partner, Wipfli LLP

We partnered with ConvergenceCoaching to create Honkamp Krueger’s Vision 2022. They facilitated a collaborative process that included a diverse group of leaders across the entire firm and encouraged us to be open and forward-thinking. In the end, we walked away with a vision, mission, core values and boulders we are excited about implementing. We are a few years into it and still have the same fire underneath us to continue to see our vision and boulders become reality.

Greg Burbach
President/CEO, Honkamp Krueger