We are thrilled to have developed a custom Perkins & Co Management Development Program with ConvergenceCoaching. The program content is clear, practical, and readily actionable for managers. One of the best elements is the goal setting and accountability check-ins that follow each webinar and the in-person workshops. The content focuses on defining the manager’s role and responsibilities so that they consider the staff’s success to be their responsibility. This has engaged our managers to interact with staff in new ways and be attentive to teaching, coaching, and setting clear expectations. The relationships that develop out of effective interaction between managers and staff are key to employee retention.

Our managers appreciate the ability to work more effectively with employees and their clients, too. They have also received tools for improving productivity, goal setting, client service, and personal branding. While managers have regular interaction with staff in the normal course of business, the program has given them valuable time with their peers to learn from and support each other. In fact, they have asked for more organized peer socializing opportunities which shows that these relationships are quite important to their job satisfaction.

Colleen Murray
Shareholder, Director of Operations, Perkins & Co