We really appreciate our relationship with ConvergenceCoaching. Our partnership has allowed our CPAmerica member firms to identify and address the most pressing opportunities and challenges facing their practices today and in the future. Their information-sharing, discussion-oriented approach invites collaboration among our firm members. The best practices and tools that Convergence shares are always valuable for firm leaders seeking to drive growth and improvement. We truly value their thought leadership in driving positive change in our profession.

Grace Horvath
Vice President of Services, CPAmerica International

An area of leadership that I wanted to develop was in speaking up and gaining visibility in my firm overall. The TLP provided me with the structure and support I needed to achieve this goal. I have since taken the lead in various initiatives in our firm’s A&A department, using what I learned in the TLP to help in the planning, implementation and communication of each one. My input and leadership make a difference for our firm and I encourage all emerging leaders to identify opportunities to step up into greater leadership, too. I am thankful to the entire ConvergenceCoaching team for helping me move forward towards my dream!

Satpal Nagpal
Partner, Green Hasson Janks

When I signed up for the TLP, I expected to learn about trends and best practices in public
accounting. While this was one outcome, the most impactful result of TLP related to discoveries
I made about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. By better understanding myself and
how my behavior impacts others, I have worked to modify my approach, shed old habits and try
new techniques to keep striving to be a more inspiring people developer and leader. After
completing TLP, I was promoted to partner in my firm and was recently given responsibility for
leading the tax service line for my region. I believe that my enhanced self-awareness and
leadership strategies played a role in my earning these new opportunities.

Adam June
Partner, Wipfli

Business development was an area that I wanted to strengthen in the TLP. I also wanted to develop more ownership and accountability within our group. During the program, I worked with my coach and in-firm mentor to try a number of different business development strategies and began to see sustained success. I also shared the things I learned during the program with our group members so they could apply the ideas in their careers. After completing the program, I was fortunate to become a partner and I am continually working to apply the ideas I learned in the program to this new leadership role.

Don Boezeman
Partner, Katz, Sapper & Miller

The TLP provided me with insights and tools to take a fresh look at my work and leadership style. This enabled me to become more effective when leading different personality types and enabled me to successfully delegate work to my team members. As a result, our people have the opportunity to grow and develop, and in return, now that I have been promoted to partner, I am able to focus more strategically, adding value to my client relationships and through my business development activities.

Len Nitti
Principal, Wilkin & Guttenplan, PC

Participating in the Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) was a very beneficial step on my path to partner. It was made abundantly clear that while technical competence and engagement delivery are important skills, there are equally valuable abilities to possess – team building, employee engagement and business development. I learned more about motivation and engagement with individuals as well as worked to develop my people and business development skills. In acknowledging that everyone has different personal values, I can now appeal to those separate values. Without good people, you cannot have a successful firm. I am now a partner and feel like it’s important that I act as an advocate for focusing on our people and continuously enhancing our culture.

Brian Sauers
Partner, Davie Kaplan, CPA, P.C.

We are thrilled to have developed a custom Perkins & Co Management Development Program with ConvergenceCoaching. The program content is clear, practical, and readily actionable for managers. One of the best elements is the goal setting and accountability check-ins that follow each webinar and the in-person workshops. The content focuses on defining the manager’s role and responsibilities so that they consider the staff’s success to be their responsibility. This has engaged our managers to interact with staff in new ways and be attentive to teaching, coaching, and setting clear expectations. The relationships that develop out of effective interaction between managers and staff are key to employee retention.

Our managers appreciate the ability to work more effectively with employees and their clients, too. They have also received tools for improving productivity, goal setting, client service, and personal branding. While managers have regular interaction with staff in the normal course of business, the program has given them valuable time with their peers to learn from and support each other. In fact, they have asked for more organized peer socializing opportunities which shows that these relationships are quite important to their job satisfaction.

Colleen Murray
Shareholder, Director of Operations, Perkins & Co