On January 11th, I wrote about how we can move from having a dream about your future to change it to a vision instead (Empower Your Vision).  Moving a dream to a vision requires taking actionable steps to produce specific results.  This week, I will use information from that blog and an example from my own work to provide you with suggestions to bring about positive changes in your work and personal life.

I have noticed that putting energy into focusing on my vision makes the picture of what I want to accomplish clearer.  It’s as though I am looking through the lens of a camera at something that is out of focus, but when I turn and zoom in, there it is.  I begin to see it, feel it, and now can almost touch the change that I believe in.  I also imagine what the change would sound and taste like.  I want to involve all of my senses in this project.  I meditate and thank my Higher Source for participating and supporting the hidden spiritual qualities that can empower this change.

For example, I visualized increasing my client base to include more people locally within the healthcare sector.  I told an office colleague and she referred me to a nearby clinic.  I contacted the recruiter and now have been engaged as a consultant.  This group has a new contract with a managed care firm and this has added additional hours to my original contract.

Since this began, I have also updated my website, created an event with other office mates for an Open House, planned a speech in my Toastmasters group about goal-setting, and participated in an exercise to create a Vision Board with pictures that represent what I want to realize in the future.  Yesterday, I received an invitation to my healthcare group’s annual Provider Services meeting.  What began as an opportunity to be a consultant for a small local clinic has become a chance to network with several others who are providing different kinds of services for a national firm.

As you plan for the next several months, I hope that you will be able to use some of the following suggestions to visualize and then produce new work projects:

  1. Visualize the end result internally (with imaging) and externally (with pictures and by discussing it with others)
  2. Make a list of what you plan to do and by when
  3. Then, Just Do It
  4. Notice what worked so that you can repeat it next time or make modifications
  5. Give thanks to yourself, your Higher Source, and anyone else who has participated in your achieving your goals

Where are you turning your dreams into a realizable vision?  Share your successes with me!  It will inspire others who read this blog and will also give me new ideas to pass on.  You may also let me know where you have met roadblocks.  I'd like to help you make adjustments and other readers will have that opportunity as well.


With Warm Regards,