For Immediate release:


 Bellevue, NE, July 21, 2020 – Recognizing the need for advisory services development for CPAs and consultants, ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC today opened registration for its newest professional development opportunity: the Client Advisory Program™ (CAP).


The CAP is an entirely remote, modular program designed to teach experienced CPAs and consultants advisory skills and strategies to deepen their client relationships, broaden the support they provide clients beyond compliance services and ultimately make a bigger difference in the lives and businesses of their clients.


“This pandemic has illustrated that now, more than ever before, clients need their CPAs and consultants to provide help and support beyond compliance services in order to succeed,” said Jennifer Wilson, co-founder and partner at ConvergenceCoaching. “Our goal is to help experienced client relationship owners in firms approach their work with clients differently. Instead of managing their clients through the lens of the current engagement, we will be encouraging them to look at their clients’ lives and business holistically and provide advice and assistance beyond their compliance work,” continued Wilson.


The program seeks to teach CPAs and consultants how to identify their ideal clients for advisory and coaching services and various strategies and frameworks to develop deep rapport with clients, query to uncover needs and how to develop, scope, and price solutions, too. CAP participants will partake in five, web-based video roundtables covering a range of client-centric topics. After each roundtable, participants will complete specific homework assignments related to the ideas covered and will report back on their outcomes to experienced coaches who will provide them feedback. The cost to participate in the CAP is $2,495 and the first program kicks off on September 22, 2020. 


The CAP program launches on the heels of another new ConvergenceCoaching offering, the Strategic Planning Summit (SPS). The SPS is a unique, completely remote, multi-firm strategic planning event where participating firms identify focused strategies that are unique to their needs and current circumstances, while also sharing costs for the planning session. Designed for firms with $3M - $10M in annual revenue, firms survey their key leaders, then engage in small group discussions with up-and-coming and experienced leaders from their firm as well as listening to ideas generated by other participating firms.


“Even with the pandemic and extended spring busy season, smaller firms still needed to hold strategic planning discussions to develop their top priorities to manage the impacts of, and opportunities arising from the pandemic,” shared ConvergenceCoaching partner, Tamera Loerzel. “Those meetings may have traditionally been held in person, so we wanted to provide firms a way to facilitate these discussions while still ensuring their people’s health and safety. Our deep experience remotely facilitating strategy and learning enables us to use unique approaches to open up dialogue and facilitate rapid decision making,” added Loerzel.


The firm held its first SPS on June 24, 2020 and plans to hold the next SPS on September 30, 2020.