Jennewblog In the past few weeks, I’ve had the good fortune to be
recognized for my work within the CPA profession.  First, I was named to Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most
Influential People in Accounting (  Then, shortly thereafter, I received the news that I was
listed as one of Inside Public Accounting’s Top 10 Most Recommended Consultants
in their 2009 benchmarking
 Wow!  I am awed by the power and talent on these lists and am very
grateful to be included in such fine company.

But, if I’m perfectly honest, there is a tinge of discomfort
that comes with this recognition. 
And it is this:  I simply would
not be on either of these lists if it weren’t for the awesome accomplishments
of our talented, committed, hard-working and creative team members at
lists name individuals, but the accomplishments they bespeak, at least in my
case, are those of a team.

So I thought I’d take this week’s post and recognize the
2009 ConvergenceCoaching Most Talented Team Members and share a few of their
list includes:

      Amy Denman – our
project-minded, plan-ahead IT administrator, Amy launched our firm’s SharePoint
intranet and has been instrumental in the launch of the new ConvergenceCoaching Learning Center.  Supporting me with certain clients and
providing support to Ruth on various projects, Amy represents logic, timing and technology
for our firm.

      Jennifer Eby – our
organized and energetic administrative coordinator, Jen manages a whirlwind of
travel arrangements, receipts, appointments, and other administrative details
and never forgets to ensure that we recognize people and important company
occasions.  Jen brings love and positivity to our firm.

      Kelly Trella – our
reliable and detailed biller, Kelly keeps the trains running on time by
ensuring our time is in, bills are issued and A/R is followed up.  She represents the importance of fiscal responsibility to
our team.

      Krista Remer – our
marketing manager and consultant, Krista’s creativity and fine eye help her
guide our company’s look, feel and sound. She has led us through a refresh on
our brand image, graphics and templates this year and she has been challenged
with testing a host of new marketing and sales endeavors, too.  Krista launched our new Accounting
Tomorrow column
and she brings
voice and integrity to our firm.

      Lisa Spear – our
sales and marketing coordinator is a fireball!  Lisa manages our state society, CPA association and press
relationships, supports Krista and manages me to make sure I meet my marketing
and sales commitments.  Supremely
organized and fearless, Lisa represents energy, outreach and follow through for

      Lori Grant – one of
our content developers, Lori is a creator and teacher.  Instrumental in the selection of our
Learning Center platform provider and developer of our first self-study module
on Professionalism, Lori represents our firm’s commitment to learning.

      Michelle Baca – one of
our consultants, speakers, teachers and trainers, Michelle enters into new
environments to support people in learning new behaviors, challenging old ideas
and taking on new possibilities. 
Michelle is the creator of our Time Management material for
instructor-led and self-study programs. 
Also the owner of our organization’s social media strategy and our Inspired Ideas blog, Michelle
represents learning, community and fearlessness for us.

      Ruth Richter – our
detail-oriented, special project-wrangling, hyper-creative consultant and CFO,
Ruth manages channel initiatives and cross-functional, large scale projects for
us, has been key in the launch of the ConvergenceCoaching Learning Center and
manages our firm’s finance, accounting, IT and HR resources.  Ruth represents big ideas, boundless possibility and
stewardship at Convergence. 

      Sylvia Lane – our
deep-thinking, deep-connecting resident still water, Sylvia has supported
Tamera in the launch of our personality initiative, she has furthered our
thinking on diversity and the true meaning of our work, and she is actively at
work on the study of forgiveness and trust for our work with partner groups and
teams.  Sylvia represents balance, understanding
and peace for our firm.

      Tamera Loerzel – my
straight-talking, problem-solving, super-smart partner, Tamera has worked
diligently to develop our personality initiative, she’s managed most of our new
client practice assessments, developed the content for our new self-study
Conflict Management module, managed Michelle and Sylvia, and so much more.  For me, it is hard to tell where I end
and Tamera begins, and I cannot imagine doing this work without her.  Tamera represents our firm’s sense of humor, our
collective hope and our unshakeable faith.

love these women.
appreciate their commitment to me, each other, our firm’s ideals, our clients
and stakeholders and our community, too.  This blog is a testament to their talent, their
accomplishments and the difference they make for others – especially for
me.  I thank God for the privilege
of working with them.