I am writing this blog from my car (as a passenger!) winding my way through Wyoming, about 40 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park.  We have just passed the Grand Tetons.  Starting out on this journey, I met with an Idaho firm and traveled along the Snake River, witnessing their beautiful farmland with wheat, mustard and potatoes growing.  I am so amazed by the diverse topography of our nation, the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth and the intricate science inherent in God’s creation.

Celebrating our nation’s independence, I give thanks for the freedom to embrace diversity, pursue our passions, travel without restriction, and the opportunity to work from anywhere, anytime and seamlessly blend my work and life.

I am grateful for the government workers who have dedicated themselves to preserve our national beauty, especially those in the National Park Service, including my father-in-law, Dan Wilson, who spent his career as a landscape architect making our parks accessible to all.  I give thanks for all those who have served or serve in our nation’s Armed Forces, protecting us from external threats.  I praise all first responders who maintain safety in our streets today.

I give thanks, also, for the freedom to have started ConvergenceCoaching 17 years ago – to “pop up” an entrepreneurial effort whose mission is to develop leadership in every individual we meet, so they can do the same in their corner of the world.  We are grateful for the many clients, colleagues and supporters we have met on our journey so far and look forward to making a difference with you all.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating our freedom. God Bless America!