The COVID-19 pandemic is an essential time to stay in front of clients and prospects. Between financial management advice amidst the downturn, government aid programs like CARES, PPP and other SBA offerings and figuring out how to shift their businesses with social distancing, your clients need your help. In the age of social distancing, remote learning via webinars can facilitate those conversations quickly across large groups. With today’s technology platforms and social media, delivering a webinar is not as hard as it may seem. Yet it does require a clear content strategy, a marketing plan for promoting the webinar and following up after, and quality delivery techniques, too.  Join us for this session where we’ll explore the steps to deliver informative webinars to your prospects and clients by:

  • Identifying topics that will engage and inform a virtual audience
  • Creating a target list to market the session to, as well as a methodology to determine when you’ll offer free vs paid content
  • Choosing the right platform to host your sessions, and taking advantage of built-in engagement techniques available to interact with your audience
  • Maintaining audience engagement and managing participant questions (or lack of them!)
  • Following up powerfully with a call to action to increase the likelihood that others will want to work with you

Attend this session to learn how to disseminate your knowledge and expertise to clients and prospects faster and drive additional opportunities into your pipeline, too!