Delivering Meaningful Midstream Feedback

Delivering Meaningful Midstream Feedback


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The engagement review and performance review aren’t supposed to be surprise parties, where we unpack all of our unmet expectations at once and overwhelm the feedback recipient by doing so. Instead, we’re supposed to be delivering appreciation, coaching and evaluation feedback as we go. In this session, we’ll explore ideas for delivering feedback throughout the year, inside and outside of the engagement cycle to make sure our people feel valued, invested in and respected. This session will cover:

  • Benefits of midstream feedback delivery and some simple do’s and don’ts
  • Methods for delivering feedback when you can’t be together in person
  • A strategy to help you hold the recipient accountable for improvement and to also remember the feedback yourself
  • Ideas to track and manage midstream feedback so that you capture it for use in the formal evaluation process

Gain the ability to deliver feedback “on the fly” and as you go, so that those you work with are getting better year-round.

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