The COVID-19 Crisis has created incredible disruption, fear, and frustration. Social distancing is causing loneliness and hanging out 24x7 with our “shelter mates” could be driving us crazy. And, working from home (#WFH) has forced many to undertake a crash course in remote work. This means that those who have spent their career working in a physical office away from home are suddenly juggling an entirely new situation, and for some, that workplace includes their spouse, significant other, children and/or others sharing their workspace. Attend this session for strategies to maintain positivity, manage stress and work productively by learning to:

  • Develop new habits for healthy living, stress management and maintaining a positive outlook while working in a “locked down” environment
  • Establish a #WFH workspace to minimize distractions and maximize your ability to serve clients and keep work moving
  • Negotiate with family members and caregivers to carve out dedicated work time for yourself
  • Communicate transparently about your schedules and communication preferences during this unique time and beyond
  • Identify new measures for daily success by identifying a new list of actions and deliverables you can produce to ensure you’re contributing to your firm’s success

Attend this session to improve your ability to work effectively from home through this crisis and beyond!