Developing new business from existing clients, prospective targets, and referral sources is primarily about relationships. In the age of COVID-19 and social distancing, we must shift and effectively conduct those activities without being in person. Happily, developing relationships and generating new business can be done from anywhere when you shift your mindset and processes to accommodate. In this session, we’ll explore how to:

  • Make remote relationship development as equally effective as in-person when managed appropriately
  • Screen opportunities to ensure you are spending your precious business development resources in the right places
  • Develop effective qualification techniques to understand the issues your clients, prospects and referral sources are experiencing, as well as the opportunities available to collaborate
  • Present your solution, including scope and pricing, using remote methods in an effective and convincing manner
  • Utilize technology throughout the sales process to facilitate connection and engagement and propel your opportunities forward more quickly

Leave this session with an expanded willingness and ability to conduct business development activities in a virtual setting!