Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

The pandemic is causing us all to shift how we operate and change our day-to-day operations. But how does what you’re doing in emergency mode tie to your firm’s overall strategic plan?

Clarifying your firm’s new most important strategic priorities can’t wait until after the July 15th filing deadline, this Fall or 2021. Firms must evaluate their strategies to determine where to shift and where to hold steady in these extraordinary market conditions. Our Remote Strategic Planning Summit will help your firm identify short-term strategies and changes to preserve your profitability and better serve your clients while progressing towards your longer-range vision.

The Remote Strategic Planning Summit is a unique and completely virtual strategic planning format where firms survey key leaders, then engage in small group discussions with key leaders in their firm as well as hearing ideas generated by other participating firms,  while also sharing costs for the planning session. The outcome is that your firm leaves with specific strategies to focus on that are unique to your firm’s needs, goals and vision.

The event begins with pre-work in the form of a survey of your firm’s team members. The survey helps us and you uncover the collective opinion of your firm’s top strengths, opportunities, challenges, threats and more. This allows us to apply the conditions in today’s market and help you evaluate where your plans may need to shift to ensure sustained success and to help your clients do the same. The summary results for your firm and some high-level shared data will be provided to you for review ahead of the workshop.

The summit is open to eight accounting and consulting firms with $3-$10 million in annual revenue, and will be held in an entirely remote format. Each firm will be allowed up to 10 participants and every participant will join the summit via Zoom individually. We’ll encourage the use of webcams for each participant so that the participating firms may get to know one another better. The summit will be held in two 2 ½ hour and one 2-hour sessions, held on June 24, 2020. Firms will participate in small group discussions and exercises with their own team members in a private setting as well as engaging in large group discussions with the other participating firms.

Our facilitators will work with each firm throughout the summit to provide guidance and insights, leading the group as a whole to craft short- (immediate) and long-term (12 months) strategic objectives that account for impacts and opportunities arising from COVID-19 and an uncertain economy. We will also explore the need for flexibilitynimbleness and contingency plans to address the continuous change and disruption happening in our world and marketplace.

The SPS is perfect for firms who can’t necessarily afford a dedicated retreat facilitator and offers a cost-sharing model for those firms who participate. The cost to participate in the summit is $3,495 per firm for up to 10 of your team members.

For questions, read our FAQ.