The COVID-19 Crisis has firms and leaders pivoting to focus on the continued viability of their practices and their clients’ businesses in the face of the virus, social distancing and lockdowns. The good news for your firm is that your clients need your help pivoting themselves to new business models, remote work and economic conservation. This is your time to shine as an advisor!

And, much of the work of garnering new business and delivering your services can be done from anywhere if you can shift your mindset and workflows to accommodate. Finally, the steps taken during this crisis will support your firm’s transition to working with NextGen buyers, whose expectations include more digital, more advisory and remote service delivery models. To contribute to your clients now, firms must expand their mental boundaries and morph quickly. Attend this session to explore new ways to step into advisory and:

  • Map out strategies by service line and industry group to truly help clients during this time of crisis, as well as keep work flowing, your pipeline progressing and revenue coming in
  • Create a list of COVID-19 Crisis Management Solutions
  • Explore ways to leverage your industry and specialized service expertise to help the winners and losers in COVID-19 and how this can help you expand beyond your geography, too
  • Establish true rapport and have difficult conversations with prospects and clients using virtual means like video calls and social media

Purchase this recording to outreach now to clients and prospects to provide help and perfect a remote service model so you can serve clients and prospects wherever they and you may be!