MB Client satisfaction surveys are important to provide you the information that you need to retain your valued clients, address questions and concerns clients may have before they turn into major problems, and identify possible opportunities to provide additional services.  Sadly, many firms do not conduct surveys. So, if the planning, construction and implementation of the survey is dragging you down and preventing you from executing your survey – there is a much simpler way!

To simplify your surveys, consider the “Keep, Stop Start Method.”  It consists of three questions, which are simple to execute, yet extremely effective in gathering constructive feedback.  Together, these simple questions can cover as much ground as many multi-page surveys.  Here are the three questions that will simplify your surveys and give you the information you need most:

  1. What should we keep doing that you value and appreciate?
  2. What should we stop doing that you don’t like, need or want?
  3. What should we start doing that we aren’t doing now but that you would value and appreciate?

By asking these three simple questions, you will gain tremendous insight and uncover opportunities to serve your clients more effectively.  While they are open-ended questions, which means that you have to evaluate the responses by reading them (versus statistically compiling them), they tend to elicit more detailed and honest responses.  And, since the survey is short, clients will be more likely to take the time to complete it.

To evaluate your responses, assign someone to review the feedback and compile the data so that it can be presented in a meaningful way.  That way, you can make decisions about what may need to change and what should stay the same regarding the way that you serve your clients.

You can administer your Keep, Stop, Start Survey via e-mail, traditional mail, in-person or over the phone, or by using one of the many online survey tools including SurveyMonkey.  We like SurveyMonkey and have been using it for years to conduct our own surveys, so if you need some support when you get ready to administer yours, please let us know.

Also, keep in mind that you do not need a special occasion or formal survey process to ask these questions of your clients.  You can always conduct your own verbal and informal Keep, Stop, Start survey whenever you happen to be talking with a client.  Get in the habit of asking your clients these three questions and you will receive pertinent and timely information while making your clients feel valued and heard.  The simple fact that you took the time to ask will mean a lot to your clients because it demonstrates you commitment, care and concern to providing quality service.



Try it and let us know how it works for you!

Best regards,

Michelle Baca