Wilson2009blog At ConvergenceCoaching, our blessed season is in full swing and I am completing my first three weeks of travel to Chicago, Phoenix, Baton Rouge and now Las Vegas.  We love this time of year, when we leave our work-from-home environments and visit with clients and colleagues, learning new things, solving problems and driving change.

Spring is the time for renewal and we hope you’re contemplating some ideas for gaining new perspectives, practicing new behaviors, undertaking new strategies or seeing “old” things anew.  While we realize the economic conditions have made things challenging up to now, we are experiencing renewed optimism and early whispers that the worst is truly over. 

As we look to the growing season, let’s plan and act with hope and confidence that our great nation, with our considerable entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity will begin a healthy rebound.  I truly believe that our positivity in thought and action will win us more than half of the recovery battle. 

And, if you’re having a hard time re-centering or re-filling your depleted motivation tank, take the time to read my Post-Busy Season Renewal blog at http://blog.convergencecoaching.com/2009/04/who-needs-a-little-postbusy-season-renewal.html for some ideas to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. 

And, as you make your plans for spring and summer, let us know if you’ll be at any of the many wonderful conference and association meeting locations we’ll be visiting this spring.  Go to https://convergencecoaching.com/speakingevents.htm for our calendar and locations.  We’d love to see you!


Jennifer Wilson