Apr 15 2024

Public Webinar: Effectively Communicating Change

2024-04-15T16:16:22-05:00April 15th, 2024|, , , |

Tamera Loerzel and Samantha Mansfield will facilitate a 100-minute webinar eligible for 2 CPE on July 11, 2024 on the topic: Effectively Communicating Change Today's firms face an ever-accelerating, chaotic pace of change in talent, technology, client expectations, legislation, and more. To successfully manage change, leaders must strategically design, execute, and communicate their strategies with [...]

Dec 14 2023

Words Matter – Undermining Your Culture of Ownership

2023-12-14T14:27:37-06:00December 14th, 2023|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership, Personal Development|

We are all familiar with the adage “actions speak louder than words,” and certainly leading by example makes a tremendous difference, but the words we use do matter. A common goal of leaders that go through our leadership programs is to act as an owner and create a culture of ownership within their firms. To [...]

Oct 18 2023

Common Mistakes Delivering Transformative Feedback

2023-10-19T07:14:59-05:00October 18th, 2023|Communication, Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership, Transformational Leadership|

“Self awareness leads to self development.” – Janna Cochola There are 5 pieces of feedback I received that changed the trajectory of my career. They came from executives, mentors, peers, and friends. Without their input, I am confident I would be in a different place today. And though some of it was hard to hear, [...]

Mar 15 2023

The Hidden Signs of Appreciation

2023-03-15T13:41:08-05:00March 15th, 2023|Appreciation, Inspired Ideas Blog, Transformational Leadership|

Throughout the year, there are various peak busy seasons where our skills, knowledge, and effort are in most demand. During these times, it feels like our lives revolve around fulfilling everyone else’s needs, demands, expectations, and timing. And, if we’re not careful, we can begin to feel like all our efforts are taken for granted. [...]

Mar 13 2023

HR Huddle: Uncovering Communication Preferences

2023-03-31T16:06:33-05:00March 13th, 2023|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast|

In the March 13, 2023 HR Huddle, Tamera Loerzel and Samantha Mansfield discuss using your personality assessment results, such as Myers-Briggs®, to better understand your communication preferences and how to improve communicating with others on your team based on their preferences. Join us live every Monday at 4:15pm CT/5:15pm ET to explore the latest trends [...]

Dec 7 2022

Introverts, Share Your Thinking!

2022-12-07T12:24:21-06:00December 7th, 2022|Communication, Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development|

The work world is an extroverted place. Unless you have one of the loneliest jobs in the world, like a winter caretaker at Yellowstone National Park or as Fire Lookout at Gila National Forest, your role likely requires communication and collaboration with colleagues, clients, and others. For most people I meet, communication is as much [...]

Jul 18 2022

HR Huddle: Communications: Don't Let the Message Manage You!

2022-09-20T16:25:52-05:00July 18th, 2022|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast|

In the July 18, 2022 HR Huddle, Tamera Loerzel and Jennifer Wilson discuss the importance of understanding and embracing diverse communication preferences for successful delivery of information and adoption of change. Join us live every Monday at 4:15pm CT/ 5:15pm ET to explore the latest trends in talent management and HR!

Mar 4 2020

Couples Communication Tips Work in Business

2020-03-04T13:51:57-06:00March 4th, 2020|Communication, Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development|

Over the years, I have studied ways to help people work cooperatively with one another.  A recent program helping marital partners create healthy ways to relate caught my attention.  In his book, Communication Miracles for Couples, Jonathan Robinson identifies three key areas that make the difference.  He describes them as “high octane gasoline that makes [...]



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