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Jul 24 2020

AICPA EDGE: Developing a Culture of Ownership and Accountability

2020-06-26T16:04:55-05:00July 24th, 2020|, |

Tamera Loerzel will speak on the topic of Developing a Culture of Ownership and Accountability at AICPA EDGE on July 24th: Explore the foundational leadership attributes that, when applied, will transform your practice. Learn how accountability, integrity, and ownership applied together can dramatically increase the functionality, effectiveness, and motivation of your team. Explore the two [...]

Jun 17 2020

Inspired Ideas Podcast – Episode 8: Evolving to An Advisory, Difference Making Culture with Aaron Ackerman

2020-06-18T11:08:45-05:00June 17th, 2020|Inspired Ideas, Inspired Ideas Podcast, Sales|

Episode 8 of our Inspired Ideas Podcast series features a discussion between Brianna Johnson, ConvergenceCoaching consultant, and Aaron Ackerman, Partner at HoganTaylor, and a graduate of our Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP). In this episode, Brianna and Aaron explore the original goals and progression of what started as Aaron’s TLP project - weaving business development into [...]

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