Apr 15 2024

Public Webinar: Avoid Merging: Transformation Strategies to Stay Independent

2024-04-15T16:04:32-05:00April 15th, 2024|, , , |

Jennifer Wilson and Renee Moelders will facilitate a 100-minute webinar eligible for 2 CPE on July 25, 2024 on the topic: Avoid Merging: Transformation Strategies to Stay Independent In this market of rampant consolidation, some firms are able to remain independent. What are the strategies that sustain these maverick, thriving firms? Join us to explore [...]

Jun 30 2023

Ten Ways Independence Can Go Too Far

2023-06-30T16:54:34-05:00June 30th, 2023|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership|

I’m a worry wart. One of the ways I manage my concerns is to make lists. As I process opportunities and problems, I find myself making lists of pros, cons, impacts and solutions. Those lists sometimes morph into content we then use for courses, blogs, articles, live streams, and more. So, I’ve decided to hatch [...]

Jul 2 2018

Let Freedom Ring

2018-07-02T08:29:57-05:00July 2nd, 2018|Leadership, Personal Development|

I can’t believe another Independence Day is upon us. Wow!  Time again to reflect on our blessings as Americans. Earlier this year, I wrote about the three words I chose to guide 2018:  Change, Freedom and Joy.  Today, it seems appropriate to let Freedom ring in this 242nd birthday greeting to Lady Liberty. I’ve been [...]



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