Jul 8 2024

HR Huddle: Performance Review Season is Over - Now What?

2024-07-09T11:05:31-05:00July 8th, 2024|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast|

In the July 8, 2024 HR Huddle, Tamera Loerzel and Samantha Mansfield discuss ways to engage talent in development opportunites after receiving their performance review feedback. Guide them through setting goals to build on their strengths and reduce the impact of their weaknesses. Join us live every Monday at 4:15pm CT/5:15pm ET to explore the [...]

Jun 24 2024

HR Huddle: Increasing Confidence - Your Triggers and Strategies to Overcome Them

2024-06-26T13:00:33-05:00June 24th, 2024|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast|

In the June 24, 2024 HR Huddle, Jennifer Wilson and Samantha Mansfield discuss roadblocks to being a confident leader and strategies to build up your confidence and manage your inner voice. Join us live every Monday at 4:15pm CT/5:15pm ET to explore the latest trends in talent management and HR!

May 28 2024

Summer 2024-2025 Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP) - Kick-Off - July 29, 2024

2024-05-28T13:53:59-05:00May 28th, 2024|, |

Monday, July 29th: 1:00 - 3:00pm CT The Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP) kicks off July 29th! The TLP is designed to take your new and future leaders to their next level of success in leading others and your firm. Throughout the intensive one-year program, participants engage in the following: In-depth assessments including a 360 self-examination, [...]

May 1 2024

The Quest for Change

2024-05-01T09:59:49-05:00May 1st, 2024|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership|

Grab your popcorn! Because this May the Fourth Be With You we are inviting laughter in and talking Galaxy Quest! First, if you are unfamiliar with Galaxy Quest (gasp!) please, stop now and watch the 2-minute imdb trailer. If you want bonus points, schedule 2 hours to watch the movie this coming weekend. Even if [...]

Apr 25 2024

Leadership Development Program for Seniors and Supervisors™ (LDP-SS) Kick-Off - June 21, 2024

2024-04-25T13:16:55-05:00April 25th, 2024|, , , |

Friday, June 21st from 10:00am - 12:00pm CT The LDP-SS kicks off on June 21st! Participants can expect to complete the program having learned strategies for: Increasing visibility and collaboration at all levels in their firm Asking for and embracing difference-making performance feedback Elevating communication skills that drive results More effectively defining and managing priorities [...]

Apr 15 2024

Public Webinar: Are Your Leaders Causing Talent to Leave?

2024-04-15T16:56:27-05:00April 15th, 2024|, , , |

Tamera Loerzel and Renee Moelders will facilitate a 100-minute webinar eligible for 2 CPE on December 12, 2024 on the topic: Are Your Leaders Causing Talent to Leave? According to Gallup's CEO and Chairman, Jim Clifton, "The single biggest decision you make in your job - bigger than all the rest - is who you [...]

Apr 3 2024

Trust AND Verify: The Leadership Difference that Transcends Micromanagement

2024-04-03T13:51:07-05:00April 3rd, 2024|Communication, Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership|

When managing a team, striking the delicate balance between effective oversight and stifling control can be the difference between leading a thriving team and driving them to frustration. I think it’s safe to say we all want projects to be smoothly and successfully executed. As a people or project manager, you likely feel pressure to [...]

Feb 23 2024

Leadership Lunch Chat: Methods for Rebuilding Trust

2024-04-03T14:34:14-05:00February 23rd, 2024|Inspired Ideas Podcast, Leadership|

In the February 23, 2024 Leadership Lunch Chat, Jennifer Wilson and Amy Vetter discuss strategies for rebuilding trust with those we work and collaborate with and actions leaders can take to facilitate those conversations. Join us next week for a live discussion of all things leadership -- in the profession and in our communities every [...]

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