Nov 6 2023

HR Huddle: Leverage Your Admins to Create Capacity and Engagement

2023-11-29T13:43:53-06:00November 6th, 2023|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast|

In the November 6, 2023 HR Huddle, Jennifer Wilson and Samantha Mansfield discuss leveraging operation or administrative team members in client-facing service line roles, including responsibilities, KPIs, and career paths or opportunities for these team members to keep these team members engaged an in the profession. Be sure to email info@convergencecoahing.com for tools available to [...]

Oct 11 2017

CPA Firm Practice Economics - 5 Key Levers

2017-10-11T08:11:25-05:00October 11th, 2017|Current Affairs, Leadership|

CPA firms are simple and complex at the same time. Simple because they consist primarily of people – the clients and the professionals. Granted, firms also require workspace and technology to operate, grow and succeed, but people are the primary value drivers. CPA firms are also complex for the same reason they are simple:  because [...]

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