Jun 27 2022

HR Huddle: A People First Conversation with Jana Cinnamon from Abdo

2022-06-30T10:30:44-05:00June 27th, 2022|HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Podcast|

In the June 27, 2022 HR Huddle, Tamera Loerzel and Jana Cinnamon from Abdo discuss highlights from the CPAFMA, including the importance of a "people first" mindset and providing your team with the skills to successfully conquer remote and flex work options. Join us live every Monday at 4:15pm CT/5:15pm ET to explore the latest [...]

Jun 10 2022

Don't Repel Your People with RTO: Master Remote and Blended Instead!

2022-06-10T12:58:36-05:00June 10th, 2022|Inspired Ideas Blog, Leadership, Remote Work / ATAWW|

The business world and accounting firm community are abuzz with talk about getting people back into the office. In accounting, it has been a challenging few years, with significant client needs, low capacity, and increasing turnover. To “right the ship,” some leaders envision a return to office (RTO) as the universal solution. I don’t agree [...]

Mar 23 2022

Relearning to Focus

2022-03-23T14:29:40-05:00March 23rd, 2022|Inspired Ideas Blog, Personal Development|

In the past, I have been very good at focusing. But in the last few years, I have noticed a real decline in my ability to do so. I’ve been finding my thoughts jump from topic to topic like clicking the hyperlinks in the middle of online articles. My retention of new information hasn’t been [...]

Feb 11 2021

Successfully Managing Your Remote or Blended Workforce

2021-01-15T11:21:45-06:00February 11th, 2021|, , , |

Thursday, February 11th - 10:00AM - 11:30AM CT CPE: 1.8 credit hours in the areas of Business Management and Organization The rapid move to social distancing caused us to quickly embrace remote work at all levels and in all work. As firms re-open their offices and begin to manage a blended environment with team members [...]

Nov 17 2020

New England Practice Management Conference: Jennifer Wilson, Renee Moelders

2020-10-16T15:53:16-05:00November 17th, 2020|, |

Tuesday, November 17th Jennifer Wilson, Renee Moelders and Brianna Johnson will speak on the following topics at the New England Practice Management Conference on November 17th: Creating a Strong Culture to Support a Blended Environment - Jennifer Wilson Becoming a Powerful and Effective Delegator - Renee Moelders & Brianna Johnson Successfully Managing Remote Talent - [...]

Sep 2 2020

All Aboard! 15 Principles for Getting Remote Hires up to Speed

2022-01-20T08:22:52-06:00September 2nd, 2020|COVID-19, HR/Organizational Development, Inspired Ideas Blog, Remote Work / ATAWW|

If you spend time with us at ConvergenceCoaching, then you know that we are big fans of remote and flexible work programs. We’ve been 100% remote and flexible for 20 years and are certain that you can do almost anything remotely that you can do in-person. We often meet leaders who feel trapped inside their [...]

Aug 11 2020

BDO Alliance Webinar: Remote Business Development in the Age of Social Distancing

2020-07-31T15:37:55-05:00August 11th, 2020|, , , |

Tuesday, August 11th, 2:00PM - 3:30PM CT Renee Moelders and Brianna Johnson will speak on the following topic at this BDO Alliance webinar, Remote Business Development in the Age of Social Distancing. Developing new business is primarily about relationships. As we begin living with the pandemic in our midst and working in a blended environment, [...]

Jul 24 2020

AICPA ENGAGE: Successfully Managing Remote Talent

2020-06-19T10:26:28-05:00July 24th, 2020|, , |

Jennifer Wilson will speak on the topic of Successfully Managing Remote Talent at AICPA ENGAGE on July 24th: Most leaders want to provide work/life balance and flexible work arrangements; however, many still struggle to fully embrace remote work at all levels in the firm and in all work. To manage in this crisis and after it, [...]

Jun 25 2020

ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC Announces Its 5th Anytime, Anywhere Work™ Survey Launch

2020-06-25T09:04:11-05:00June 25th, 2020|Our Latest News|

Remote Work Advocates Seek Flex Trends in the Midst of COVID-19 For Immediate Release Contact: Emily Brantz │ emily@convergencecoaching.com │ (531) 203-4789 Bellevue, NE, June 25 – ConvergenceCoaching®, a completely remote, flexible national leadership and management consulting firm that works exclusively with accounting and consulting firms, has announced the launch of the 2020 ConvergenceCoaching Anytime, Anywhere Work™ [...]


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