My last blog post. It’s bittersweet to write and a little surreal. After 8 wonderful years, I am leaving my role at ConvergenceCoaching.

Other than continuing to coach my participants in the 2020-2021 Spring TLP until their June graduation, beginning April 1st, I am making a big change in my life and career by taking on the title, “stay-at-home mom.” While that will be the main focus in my life, I also plan to focus on two other areas. I’ll continue to create and share content for the health and wellness lifestyle blog and business my mom and I run. I will also help my husband with his career endeavors by managing a few weekly marketing and admin tasks for his business.

While I am incredibly excited for the joy and opportunities these things will add to my life, I am also emotional about leaving my wonderful team members and the clients and other connections I have come to know over the years.

As I reflect on the many great memories, I have made throughout my career at ConvergenceCoaching, here are the things I am most grateful for experiencing:

  • Watching our team and our business grow and change. We’ve welcomed a robust team of administrators and powerful coaches and consultants. I’ve gotten to know and work with so many inspiring colleagues. When I started, the team had just completed the very first Transformational Leadership Program™ (TLP)! I watched that program grow to multiple public classes each year, plus private custom programs for clients. I’ve experienced the addition of new offerings like the Rainmaker Development Program® (RDP), Client Advisor Program™ (CAP) and Leadership Development Program for Seniors and Supervisors™ (LDP SS). I witnessed the launch of our first ever Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) survey and our first Holiday Exercise Streak! I’ve been a part of so many company changes and opportunities, just like ConvergenceCoaching has been there for me through big changes in my life, like marrying my husband and giving birth to my son.


  • Learning from the fearless leadership of Jen and Tamera. I cannot thank them enough for taking me under their wings and extending countless opportunities to learn new skills, try new experiences and push my own boundaries. They took a leap early in my career when I wanted to learn to do the coaching and facilitation work they did for clients, instead of focusing only on my internal sales and marketing role. They have been fabulous mentors to me, always making time to talk with me whenever needed - whether it was to prepare for an upcoming session I was teaching, handling a specific coaching situation or anything else.


  • Enjoying all the small and big moments of in-person engagements and meetings:
    • Hugging my team members in the airport baggage claim after each of us having flown in from our hometowns to do a client engagement together.
    • Sharing meals - sometimes late at night, sometimes on-the-go in random locales or situations.
    • Meeting a new client in person for the first time, having only connected by email or phone prior.
    • Going for morning runs with my teammates, and clients, too!
    • Witnessing the value of the concepts we teach when someone’s face lights up discussing how to apply it to their situation.
    • Finishing a leadership workshop and watching the participants leave feeling energized.


  • The fun we’ve had! I have such fun memories of laughing deliriously with my coworkers in the hotel room after a long day of facilitation. We’ve had countless team brown bag calls where we all shared updates about our lives, celebrated new life stages and participated in fun activities and games together. I’ll miss taking silly Snapchats with colleagues and recording fun videos for our company holiday greetings.


  • Realizing my passion for sharing information and ideas with others. It was during my tenure with ConvergenceCoaching that I started becoming interested in the teaching and facilitation role. Jennifer and Tamera showed me the ropes and helped me grow from my first webinar where I co-taught a very small portion, to leading entire workshops and facilitating solo webinars and breakout sessions. My proudest moments were facilitating an all-day workshop with firm leaders and teaching a mindset session to over 300+ young professionals with people standing at the back because all the seats were taken. I love helping share new concepts with others and inspiring personal growth and change! I’m excited to continue fulfilling this passion through my wellness business.


  • Gathering in Las Vegas with my colleagues Jen and Tamera for the annual BDO Alliance Conference. I’ve attended the conference every year since I joined the team, which means I’ve experienced eight of them! I’ve “grown up” with each one - feeling nervous for my first conference and trade show as a fresh college graduate, co-facilitating breakout sessions years later and finally, last year, teaching sessions solo in the virtual conference format for over 1,000 audience members!


  • Building relationships with the people I’ve met through our work - clients, fellow consultants to the profession and other business connections I’ve made. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with countless professionals to achieve whatever goals we set together.


As I take on this next stage in my life and career, I have so much gratitude. I’ve had more opportunities and growth in these first 8 years of my career than I ever could have imagined! Thank you to my ConvergenceCoaching team, my clients, and the others I’ve worked with during these years - you’ve made my work so fun and rewarding.

I’d love to connect with anyone reading this on social media. And, if you are interested in the health and wellness work my mom and I are doing, you can read our blogs on our website and follow us on social media (@GoLiveAbundance on Facebook and Instagram, plus a motherhood-focused account on Instagram, @GLAMamas). We aim to bring a lighthearted, joy-centered approach to the content we’re sharing, while also relaying important information and ideas to others.

Cheers to 8 amazing years and I truly hope we get the opportunity to connect again in the future.

Sending my warmest wishes,