One week from tomorrow I will make one of the biggest commitments of my life – I’m getting married! My fiancé Tyler and I got engaged in June 2015 and it’s hard to believe the time since has flown so fast. Months of planning our big day will soon come to fruition as we say our vows in front of our friends and family.

Between balancing the preparations required for “throwing that big a party” (as my colleague Jennifer Wilson puts it) and my regular set of responsibilities at work and also in our personal lives, there are plenty of topics for future blog posts (stay tuned!). Right now, the most resounding topic related to this engagement journey has been the power of relationships.

As expected, Tyler’s and my relationship has already deepened since we shifted into our engagement, and we look forward to growing together even more in married life. What I didn’t realize we’d experience was the magnitude of the love, support and excitement that others in our lives have expressed for Tyler and me. Our big news seemed so personal and close to us – not something that we expected others to make as big of a deal of – but people did make a big deal of it because of the relationships they share with Tyler or me or us both. It has been so heartwarming to see that so many want the best for us and are thrilled to join in our celebrations.

Brianna's ShowerFamily members, friends, colleague at work – we have people asking us every day how the wedding planning is going, whether we’re ready/getting excited/nervous, what the details of our big day are and where they can help.

One of the biggest places this has been evident for me is with my ConvergenceCoaching team members. Jennifer and Tamera have been more supportive than I ever could have hoped for – not only in the fun and excitement of this stage in my life but also in helping me “have it all” and taking time off for our European honeymoon. My teammates ask about the preparations and more recently, my capacity and workload as we’re nearing wedding time to make sure I’m not completely overwhelmed. They even threw me a surprise virtual bridal shower in April complete with lunch, cake, lovely gifts and a wonderful “Marriage Musings” book that shared wedding stories and wisdom from each of our team members’ own marriages. We were all on video and it was the best time!

Brianna's Shower1

Thinking about the outpouring of support and excitement for our upcoming marriage only further reminds me of the impact that fostering strong relationships has in our lives. It makes me want to go deeper within those relationships and be able to provide the same level of support, happiness or whatever those other people need during momentous times in their lives, and also in the everyday, less momentous moments, too. This year of engagement has been wonderful and it’s broadened my perspective about the depth of relationships we have in our lives. I am incredibly thankful for the offerings of help, love, patience, flexibility and wisdom show by my CC family, by Tyler’s and my families who will soon be joined together as one and by Tyler as my partner in life going forward.