Wilson2009blog I am just returning from a brief break after a wonderfully blessed last four months of work.  After months of travel and many very interesting firm retreats, training programs, conferences, workshops and other great client engagements, I stopped and rested with my family in that wonderful pastime known as the summer vacation.  And the respite from my constantly wired work life was awesome!

At this juncture, I must admit that I stopped once per day and cleared emails on my BlackBerry (with the exception of one day, perhaps), but I avoided any work-related phone contact and kept my laptop shut most of my six days away.  I read two great pleasure books, got sun, shopped, ate and slept more hours each night than I ever get in “real” life.  Best of all, I didn’t think much about work and really enjoyed the ability to wipe my mind clean of the often all-consuming work that I love.

As I prepare to dive back into work on Thursday (strategically placed so my return is really just a short two days), my head is clearer and my vision has been broadened.  I can once again see the forest of my life – because I stopped running crazily from tree-to-tree for even a few days.   Taking a break from all things work has also deepened my friendships with my husband and children as we explored both new and familiar territory together again. 

I am grateful to whoever invented the summer break and I thank God for the wonderful rest that I have been granted.  What have you done to rest this summer?  Please share your story or the benefits you’ve gained.  I’m interested!



Jen Wilson